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It is so difficult to explain scents to people - especially if they are customized.

We will do our best to give accurate descriptions (mixed with a little humor) as best we can. If you have any questions, please reach out to us! We are so excited to be doing something we love and hope we live up to your expectations of us.

Basic Witches

The scents below are the foundations for our WoolWicks Collection and are available year-round.

Kiss of the Vampyre

This sweet scent combines decadent strawberries, jasmine and bergamot with softer notes of plum, dark musk and vanilla.

Sweet, dark and smooth - like a good Vampyre kiss should be!

Brigid's Fire

Reminiscent of a bonfire with hints of cypress and sage. Our ode to the goddess Brigid.

Bewitched Love

This scent is reminiscent of the the popular LoveSpell scent with a little witchy twist!


Our unexpected crowd favorite!

Sweet pumpkin & apple combined with cranberry invokes hints of autumn but is great anytime of year!

Fairy Floss

This scent was made on request by our personal hair fashionista! The delightful cotton candy scent brings back memories of childhood carnivals and preteen lip gloss.


Not your average lavender candle. Even if you're not a lavender fan (like us) this one is simply div]ne without being overpowering. It is combined with a hint of driftwood for the ultimate in relaxation.

New Moon

A calming scent of lemongrass and green tea. Great for burning during a new moon for cleansing and renewal.

Mystic Waters

A soothing subtle scent that reminds you of the sea and peace and tranquility

makes the heart grow fonder

This signature scent is subtle with notes of anise and black currant with undertones of fennel, amber and tonka bean and infused with several essential oils.

More scents

  • Berries & Cream

  • Witch Wash - crisp, clean cotton

  • Cukemelon

  • Cashmere Kisses -- decadent cashmere with a hint of vanilla

  • Mr Bombastic - sandalwood, vanilla & teakwood

  • SINnamon Vanilla

  • Coconutz

  • Refreshing Mint - grapefruit & mint

  • Beltane Blossoms - wisteria & lilac with a hint of earthiness

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